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Brand New HEALBE GoBe3


These #stayhome days, we have asked a group of volunteers to share their GoBe data:
Before the quarantine
At the quarantine
For the world to see how human body stats change while in isolation. Click “Learn more” to see more stats compared. If you are curious about this study findings, click “Sign up” & provide your email.
Calorie Intake Daily Averages
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Calories Burned Daily Averages
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The world’s first smart band to track your calorie intake, body hydration, and stress levels automatically
Calorie Intake

GoBe2 tracks the calories you digest and calories you burn. This data is available on the device’s display and in the HEALBE GoBe2 app. To stay on top of your goals track your energy balance dynamics.

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A full meal can take up to 10 hours to get digested by your body & show up on GoBe2 display as an intake
& Distance
Validation and International Patents

Validation studies recently conducted at UC Davis (USA) and the Red Cross Hospital (Guangzhou, China) confirmed the ability of GoBe2 to track dehydration and rehydration of the human body accurately, and proved that calorie intake is measured with 89% accuracy.

HEALBE products are protected by 36 patents.


The GoBe2 uses HEALBE’s FLOW™ Technology, the only technology that automatically tracks calories digested by your body through your skin, eliminating the need to manually count calories. Learn more
HEALBE GoBe2 smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. Order yours today!
HEALBE app is available on iOS and Android and as the web app. We store all the data collected by the band in the HEALBE app.

Requirements: iPhone 5С/5S or iPad running iOS 10 or higher. Android™ devices running Android™ 5 and above. Bluetooth™ LE is required.
Media Coverage

New wristband attempts to count calories as you eat them - Tired of manual calorie counting, searching nutritional databases, and inputting into apps? The GoBe2 health monitor uses sensors and algorithms to measure glucose and fluid levels in your bloodstream, providing accurate, real time readings all day long.

The HEALBE GoBe 2 is a very good health and fitness tracker, offering insights and proactive advice that I appreciate in a wearable device. It offers lifestyle metrics that other companies would dream of being able to offer, and reading my stats has become a mild obsession.

The end of calorie counting? Wristband claims to track eating habits using sensors on your SKIN. The HEALBE GoBe2 wristband is the latest twist in the wearable technology, most of which is built on a theme of improving health.

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