GoBe3 has a unique set of sensors that allows our users to control their entire lifestyle without manual calculations:

Bioimpedance sensor

Is a patented sensor for gathering data on calorie intake, hydration level and GSR(galvanic skin response) characteristics. Thanks to this sensor and the physiological model of human metabolism, developed by HEALBE, GoBe smart band performs simultaneous measurements of complex bioimpedance at several frequencies, measures skin resistance and electrical capacitance between sensor contacts and the skin.

9-axis accelerometer

A complex sensor that helps GoBe determine the types of Activities, Anxiety in sleep and count Calorie consumption. 


This is a complex sensor that consists of:

  • An accelerometer that determines the angle of inclination relative to the Earth’s surface
  • A magnetometer that determines the characteristics of the magnetic field
  • A gyroscope that detects changes in smart band’s orientation in space

Optical pulse sensor

A sensor is also fully developed by HEALBE. This sensor gathers heart parameters data 24/7 with high-precision in any conditions. The company’s own patents and researches result in accurate pulse detection whether you sleep or do the most intense activity.

Temperature sensor

A service sensor that helps GoBe detect environmental conditions.

Learn more about the unique FLOW technology, patents and HEALBE validation studies with Red Cross in Guangzhou (China) and UC Davis (USA)