HEALBE makes unique technologies simple and affordable. We aim to give people a product that helps to change the way they live for the better.

We’ve set up the company because we wanted the product we offer to become real for us too. We wanted to know how lifestyle affects the body so we could change our eating habits, physical activity, and stress, which we can’t escape. This knowledge gives you the freedom to choose what kind of body you want and what kind of feeling you get from living in that body.

Shipitsyn Artem HEALBE CEO

We are always open to communication. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to email us at gobe@healbe.com or choose another convenient way on the Contact us page.

Our technology

All HEALBE products are completely created in-house, from testing new ideas in laboratories to the new function on the device. This also applies to our unique patented technologies.

All HEALBE technologies are based mainly on individual body parameters and physiology. This is why we were lucky to be the first to bring completely new features to the market: automatic calorie intake measurement, automatic hydration measurement, and automatic stress level estimation.

HEALBE’s scientific experts are constantly researching new problems and are often the first in the world to do so. This research develops into patented solutions over time. HEALBE has been granted more than 72 international patent rights since the company was founded.

Every feature of our devices and services is researched by doctors and thoroughly tested and validated before it is transferred to GoBe smart bands. We give our users any new feature only after a series of successful tests when we are sure that the new functionality is accurate and working. For example, in 2018, HEALBE has tested the accuracy of the calorie intake measurement in cooperation with the University of UC Davis (USA) and the Red Cross Hospital in Guangzhou (China).

Two independent validation studies confirm the accuracy of calorie intake counting at up to 89%


HEALBE has a team of doctors, researchers, scientists, designers, and developers from all over the world. Our team is small, nonetheless, it delivers all our technologies, starting from physiological models development and ending with GoBe
production in China.
HEALBE strives to make breakthrough technologies affordable. Thus the company has a whole team of scientific experts: Masters, Ph.D.’s, specialists in the highest levels of TRIZ (Inventive Problem Solving Theory), and professional doctors.










In 2012, the company’s founders had the inspiring idea of creating a product that would help people manage their diet and lifestyle based on their body data.

HEALBE GoBe smart bands exist because people once believed in this product. To create the first version, we’ve raised funding through crowdfunding in 2014. Back then, GoBe raised 10 times more money than the campaign goal was, and it became clear to us that people really need our product.

More than 75,000 people in 73 countries are using our devices now.