How Many Steps to Take to Start Losing Weight?

They say 10 thousand steps a day would definitely make a deal on the way to a leaner look, wouldn’t they?

If you move around not that much, you’d probably make no more than 2 to 3 thousand a day. An occasional walk of up to 10 thousand will do better in that case. The question is how much your numbers are aligned with your lifestyle and health at large?? 

There are 6 simple tips one needs to keep in mind to lose weight effectively by walking.

Take it step by step 

No kidding! Literally, don’t rush into things. Have you taken 2 thousand steps yesterday? Do not aim at 10 thousand today. 3 to 5 thousand at easy pace would be just fine. Increase the distance and speed gradually–you will avoid muscle pains and trauma. The body needs  time to get used to the new loads and to spend energy on fat burning. Moreover, physical exercises enhanced dramatically might cause a physical stress to the body, resulting in protective response, i.e. fat accumulation in some cases. 

Do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion, it’s better to start with a  10–15 minute walk and gradually reach a 40–60 minute one per day.

More walking, same eating 

If after each walk you sip a soda and bite a burger, you can not lose weight. Choose food wisely, eat moderately.

The average daily calorie rate for a 26–50 years old person is 1800-2400 kcal, depending on one’s height and weight. The diet is better to contain more protein, minerals, vitamins and less fast carbohydrates. In short, fast food and sweets are to be out.

Do it right 

You better not slouch when walking. Square your shoulders, straighten your back, hold your stomach in. Try to avoid uncomfortable shoes. Remember you’re praising yourself with a walk, not punishing.  

Walk regular

Impossible daily? Well, try to do it every other day then. Change your habits: walk a couple of blocks more on the way back home for the office, pass the closest subway station and reach the next one on foot, don’t take that metrobus Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Whenever there is a choice to sit or stand,… well, we guess you got it.  

Turn your favorite music on and explore the area around at any free time, but not earlier than an hour after eating.

Increase your speed when you’re ready to

A healthy 20–35 y.o. person can easily do 2.5–3 miles per hour.  You needn’t walk faster to burn your fat. However, that couple of miles walked at easy pace can burn up to 320 kcal, while a bigger speed (3–4 m/h) would do up to 570 kcal for exactly the same distance. 

Go up

When hiking, remember that terrain variations on the way are more effective than a flat path. Likewise, when in the gym, a banked track would do better for you as opposed to a flat one obviously requiring more effort.

So how many steps per day do you need to take to lose weight?

In short, move around more than yesterday–no need to count the numbers. There is your HEALBE GoBe smart band to do this job.

In addition to the number of steps, GoBe will show you:

• how many calories you absorbed with your dinner;

• what nutrients you’re having more in your diet (proteins, fats, or carbs);

• how many calories you burn when walking ;

• what is your water balance and if your body requires more water right now 

There is so much more to learn about oneself with one wristband only. No diaries, mental calculations, or manual logging needed. Try it at your next walk.


Smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. Order yours today!

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Please note that HEALBE GoBe is not responsible for any content that purports to give medical advice or advice regarding fitness training, exercise, or diet. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to starting a diet or physical fitness program.

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