How Does HEALBE GoBe Automatically Track Calorie Intake?

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Until now, keeping track on how many calories you eat has been a tiresome process. You had to log meals, weigh portions, scan bar codes, or just guess — and at the end of the day, you were left with an inaccurate estimation that didn’t  truly help you to find balance in what you eat.

HEALBE GoBe™ makes a breakthrough difference.This wearable body manager is the first device in the world  to track calorie intake all automatically through your skin. The unique HEALBE FLOW™ Technology requires no blood testing no manual logging or guesswork. GoBe exclusively uses your body’s information only to tell you how many calories you’re actually consuming. Simply put it on and go be you!

How automatic calorie tracking works

To understand how GoBe automatically tracks calorie intake, have a look at this infographic:

automatic calorie tracking
automatic calorie tracking2
automatic calorie tracking3
automatic calorie tracking
automatic calorie tracking5
automatic calorie tracking6
automatic calorie tracking7
  • When you eat, food travels to your stomach to be broken down and digested.

  • 10-15 minutes later, your body starts converting the carbohydrates in your food into glucose. This process continues for up to 4-6 hours, depending on what you eat and your body’s unique physiology. 

  • As glucose levels rise, your cells start to absorb it and release water. Fat and protein in your food influence the rate of glucose absorption — leading to different shapes and durations of the “glucose curve” measured by GoBe.

  • GoBe uses a bioelectrical impedance sensor to measure the fluid moving in and out of your skin cells — continuously, around the clock.

  • The in-built HEALBE FLOW™ Technology uses an advanced algorithm to analyze impedance data and calculate calorie intake based on your glucose curves, giving you a complete picture of your nutritional intake over time. 

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Smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. Order yours today!

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Please note that HEALBE GoBe is not responsible for any content that purports to give medical advice or advice regarding fitness training, exercise, or diet. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to starting a diet or physical fitness program.

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