HEALBE partners with Caravan Wellness to promote healthy lifestyle resources for all

HEALBE, known for its innovative technology and personalized health solutions, partners with Caravan Wellness, a global leader in wellness video content to enrich data-driven approach to holistic wellness with an expertise and targeted task-based education. By combining HEALBE’s versatile monitoring approach and Caravan Wellness’ extensive wellness library, HEALBE customers will gain access to a wealth of resources and practical guidance that supports healthy lifestyle improvements. 

The shared goal is to inspire positive lifestyle changes, promote long-term wellbeing, and equip HEALBE customers with the necessary tools to achieve their desired health and wellness outcomes with short, information-packed video content. Regardless of their specific goals, customers can leverage the combined expertise, resources, and commitment to personal wellbeing offered by these two industry leaders. This partnership goes beyond traditional weight loss methods by providing a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple facets of wellbeing, such as nutrition, fitness, sleep, and personal development.

“We wanted to know how lifestyle affects the body so we could change our eating habits, physical activity, and stress, which we can’t escape.This knowledge gives you the freedom to choose what kind of body you want and what kind of feeling you get from living in that body.”

Shipitsyn Artem, CEO of HEALBE.

“We believe that everyone deserves access to resources that promote healthy lifestyles. By offering accessible and engaging resources, we can support everyone on their journey towards optimal health and happiness.”

Lisa Wang, Co-Founder of Caravan Wellness.

About Caravan Wellness

Caravan is the #1 global leader in high-quality wellness video content. Caravan impacts millions of people by helping organizations, influencers, and leaders all around the world, to increase the power of their brand, create impact opportunities, engage new audiences, and develop healthier and happier communities. At Caravan, we envision a world where everyone can access all the best health, fitness, and wellness practices, techniques and rituals – no matter your age, income, or location. Learn more at caravanwellness.com.

It’s error-prone. Unless you measure or weigh everything you eat and drink (again—hassle!), you’ll have to estimate, which leads to errors. It’s even harder to get an accurate calorie count when you eat out and you’re not in control of what goes on in the kitchen.

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