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There are many obstacles to overcome when pursuing a healthy lifestyle – sometimes we’re lazy, we lack dedication, or we just don’t know best practices when it comes to managing our health and fitness routines. The bottom line is that making lifelong health changes can be difficult. One thing is clear, however: we all need a structured plan, along with continued motivation, to help us reach our goals. HEALBE GoBe can be the support and structure that you need to start replacing unhealthy habits with good ones.

What does GoBe have to offer?

HEALBE GoBe has automatic calorie management (meaning it calculates and tracks calories consumed and calories burned), and also tracks and offers recommendations regarding hydration level, quality of sleep, heart rate, and activity level. The bracelet measures physiological data through your skin, and this information is analyzed, processed, and presented through charts and figures.

HEALBE GoBe scans your individual body parameters and will help you better understand the way your body functions and reacts to certain foods and activities. Whether you overeat, don’t drink enough water, aren’t exercising, or are sleeping poorly – GoBe can help identify the flaws in your routines and offer recommendations to help resolve these issues.

While the bracelet is not an instant solution for those wishing to lose weight or be healthier, it can be a tool to help you stay on track.

HEALBE GoBe: How does it work?

HEALBE GoBe is first and only wearable device that can measure calorie intake and hydration level through your skin. GoBe was developed with the assistance of experts in a variety of areas including endocrinologists, psychologists, mathematicians, analysts, engineers, and programmers. The device uses Healbe’s patented FLOW™ Technology to deliver comprehensive insights into your whole body health. GoBe has three sensors that gather information about you:

– Impedance sensor (measures tissue resistance)

– Accelerometer (measures number of steps taken and overall physical activity)

– Piezo pressure sensor (measures heart rate/pulse)

Only FLOW™ Technology can measure calorie intake through your skin by reading the glucose levels in your cells.

The face of the device displays the time, your pulse, energy balance (difference between consumed and burned calories), hydration level, and number of steps taken. The bracelet can also be used as an alarm clock – waking you up through a vibration signal during a REM phase of sleep to help you feel more refreshed after a night’s rest.

The HEALBE GoBe mobile application is available for both iPhone and Android devices and provides instant access to GoBe’s analysis of your body’s current health.

HEALBE App: The Main Screen

What parameters does the HEALBE GoBe application show?

“Eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more, sleep well, don’t stress” – all of these points are basic healthy-living tips.

None of them are difficult concepts, however it can be challenging to consistently keep track of these parameters. The GoBe application displays data on energy balance, hydration level, pulse, quality of sleep and level of stress. You can see corresponding icons of these parameters in the main menu of the application.


Finding the balance between calories consumed and calories burned is an essential element for getting into shape. GoBe measures both parameters of energy balance – calorie intake as well as calories burned. The device measures the amount of energy gained from eating, as well as keeps track of the calories burned while exercising and during metabolic processes like digestion.

HEALBE GoBe will measure and analyze your calorie intake and calories burned automatically, but for accurate results, you need to confirm your meal times within the mobile app.

Energy Balance screen

Hydration screen


Staying hydrated is vital to your body’s health as dehydration can cause fatigue, dry skin, increased hunger, digestion disorders and problems with your cardiovascular system. Drinking water can improve brain activity, strengthen your body, and accelerate your metabolism, specifically regarding fat burning. HEALBE GoBe constantly and automatically monitors your hydration level and will remind you to drink, or notify you if your hydration level is low.


It’s critical to monitor your heart rate during physical activity, especially when you want to lose weight. HEALBE GoBe monitors your pulse 24/7, and these metrics are also used when analyzing your quality of sleep and level of stress.

Heart Rate screen

Night Sleep screen


The first thing that people tend to sacrifice when they are overwhelmed and short on time is sleep. While that may seem like the best solution to a time pinch – lack of sleep can lead to major health issues. Besides the obvious deterioration in quality of life, sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, and obesity, along with other severe health issues.

GoBe measures quality of sleep by monitoring heart rate and physical movements while you’re at rest. The application will provide recommendations about how long you should sleep based on your lifestyle and how well you slept the night before.


Normal levels of stress can help you meet daily challenges and reach your goals, however excess amounts of stress over long periods of time can be harmful.

GoBe measures pulse, physical activity, and quality of sleep to analyze your stress levels throughout the day. You’ll see your stress level on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 meaning no stress, and 5 meaning high stress.

Stress Level screen

Understanding how your body is reacting to your current lifestyle makes it much easier to take control of and see the value in adjusting your behaviors. A daily report summarizing your overall wellbeing, including calories in versus calories out, can help you stay motivated and maintain that path towards a healthier lifestyle.

HEALBE GoBe provides the real-time monitoring and results to help you become stronger, happier, and healthier.


Smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. Order yours today!

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Please note that HEALBE GoBe is not responsible for any content that purports to give medical advice or advice regarding fitness training, exercise, or diet. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to starting a diet or physical fitness program.

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