How to Use Your GoBe2

Fastening the Band

Fasten GoBe2 tightly on your wrist to ensure the direct contact between  the band’s sensors and your skin. This is essential for accurate readings and reporting.

If your GoBe2 is not close enough to your skin, it will display “NO CONTACT” and vibrate every 15 seconds until proper contact is reestablished. If it is not properly positioned on your wrist for 5 minutes in a row, it will turn off automatically.


The sensors need time to establish contact with your skin. During this acclimation period, the accuracy of the readings may decrease. For the best results, we recommend wearing the band for at least 30-60 minutes before eating.

If you eat immediately after putting on your GoBe2, it may not have the necessary time to detect changes in your body thus decreasing the accuracy of your calorie intake measurement for that meal.

Why is it important to wear GoBe2 as frequently as possible?:

GoBe2 measures the number of calories that your body digests and nutrients in your blood, not the number of calories you consume. This means that GoBe2  counts your calorie intake after the meal is taken, so if you remove it before the end of the digestion process, some calories will be unaccounted for.

The full digestion process can take up to several hours. The duration depends on the type and quantity of food you consume as well as your body’s unique characteristics and metabolic rate. Other variables that can impact the rate your body processes and digests food include previous meals, physical activity, and stress level.

The digestion process is ongoing while you are asleep, so if you want the greatest accuracy from your GoBe2, wear the band constantly, except the charging period, preferably in the morning before consuming a meal. Minimally, you should not remove GoBe2 for at least 3-4 hours after your last meal of the day if you wish to take it off for a night sleep.

When do I charge my GoBe2?

The best time to charge your GoBe2 is morning before breakfast. Charging at this time will give you the most accurate calorie intake measurement.

If charged daily, Gobe2 takes up to 45 minutes to fully charge.

What else can affect the accuracy of the device?

1. Profile Information: Make sure your personal profile information is correct. Do not forget to update your current weight if it changes.

2. Moisturizing Creams or Oils: Do not moisturize the skin underneath the sensor with any creams or oils. They can prevent from data readings.

3. Skin Imperfections: Scars, tattoos and substantial hair growth on the wrist under the sensor can decrease the accuracy of the measurements.

4. Physiological State: After a sleepless night, a time-zone change, or if you under heightened emotional stress, your GoBe2’s accuracy may decrease.

5. Dietary Restrictions: GoBe2 is designed in compliance with the conditions of a healthy nutritious diet. Fasting or severe dietary restrictions (i.e., a ketogenic diet) can affect the accuracy of the device.*

6. Sports Nutrition: GoBe2 measures nutrients by estimating your blood glucose level. Therefore, sports nutrition (isolates, protein, itp) will only be reflected in the overall analysis of incoming calories, but will not be counted as nutrients.*

7. Alcohol: GoBe2 recognizes calories from carbohydrates in beverages (i.e., sugars in soda, juice, wine, beer, flavored liquor, etc.), but not calories in alcohol. When using GoBe2 to track your calorie intake, remember that the number of calories your body absorbs will be higher than GoBe2 reports.

8. Medical Conditions: GoBe2 is not recommended for people with medical conditions that affect water-salt balance, cardiovascular function or metabolic processes (i.e., diabetes, chronic hepatitis, hormonal disorders, circulatory failure, obesity, diseases that impair renal function, etc.)*

9. Medication: Any medication that affects water-salt balance, cardiovascular function or metabolic processes can impact the accuracy of GoBe2. Always seek help from a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional who will answer all your questions related to medical contraindications for diets or exercise.

10. Acute Illnesses: GoBe2 is not recommended for users with acute illnesses that raise body temperature above 37° C (98.6° F), or cause physical aches or pain.*

11. Extreme Climates: Extreme cold, warmth, dryness or humidity (i.e., tropical or desert climates), or high atmospheric pressure (i.e., mountains) can impact the accuracy of your GoBe2

Taking care of the device

Do not use HEALBE GoBe2 in salt or chlorinated water – this will damage the device casing.

To prevent skin irritation, wipe the GoBe2 sensor after any intense physical activity.

Clean the pins on the charger at least once a week using a clean cotton swab.To clean the casing, wipe all areas of the device EXCEPT the sensors with a soft or microfiber cloth that will not scratch the device. If necessary, slightly dampen the cloth with water). For more information on how to take care ofer your GoBe2, read our full care and maintenance instructions here.


Smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. Order yours today!

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Please note that HEALBE GoBe is not responsible for any content that purports to give medical advice or advice regarding fitness training, exercise, or diet. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to starting a diet or physical fitness program.

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