Healthy Eating for Weight Loss in a Nutshell

Of course, almost all of us in one way or another have come across the problem of excess weight. Sometimes, for some lucky ones, this problem disappears by itself – thanks to good quality genes or unpredictable lifestyle changes. However, in approximately 99% of such cases, such person should make a serious effort to achieve the desirable goal. Those of us who are ready to change our lifestyle in order to become slim and healthy must understand that healthy eating, weight loss and health improvement are closely related phenomena. One just cannot expect to get notable results ignoring even one item from this list.

Naturally, every one of us is a unique personality with intricate habits and demands, thus, there exist only a few general rules that can guarantee results. The main secret is to control the quality of your daily ration and stick to healthy eating for weight loss. Obviously, this problem is extremely complex and you cannot overcome it by using only one method. Therefore, we prepared a concise list, which contains seven approaches that have recommended themselves as the most efficient and simultaneously simple in execution.

Control emotional eating

Surely, the idea that healthy eating for weight loss is not a whim but a necessity originates in the mind not in the stomach. Quite often, we eat only to temper our emotional hunger, ruining our health with uncontrolled and irrational diets.

Forget about this dangerous habit and try to overcome your stress with those methods that cannot harm your health and obviously, your figure. A great movie, an interesting book or a jaunt with friends are always better for you than a hastily cooked hamburger.

Exclude sugar and refined carbs from your diet

In fact, losing weight by eating healthy is impossible when avoiding this simple principle. Of course, not all carbs are bad, moreover, you can eschew many diseases by controlling your daily ration and especially the percentage of refined carbs in it.

However, it is not possible to lose weight while eating white bread, various sweets and sodas. Limit the percentage of refined carbs in your diet and make a new important step to healthy eating, weight loss and cheerful lifestyle.

Pay special attention to different fruit, veggies, and fiber-containing foods

Naturally, this advice sounds so familiar and obvious that it may be considered a triviality.

However, if we wish to forget about different problems with excess weight, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, ischemia and allergy, we must be honest with ourselves. Yeah, we all like apples and oranges, we all know that a glass of fresh juice is much healthier than a cup of coffee, especially when consumed with a cigarette. We all know that fiber is essential for healthy eating, weight loss, slim figure and gorgeous look. But how often do we follow these obvious pieces of advice? The problem is too important to be mindlessly neglected. Thereby, get ready for a new diet filled with tasty oranges, sweet cherries and delicious grapefruits.

Pay attention while you are eating

Say no to mindless eating. All modern persons have only one general and constant characteristic. We are busy. We are always busy. And being so enormously and constantly busy, we forget that our body has its own demands, which cannot be satisfied with a couple of sips of Coca-Cola and a pack of crisps. Yeah, this is a banality. However, this is a very important banality. Therefore, you should always think seriously about the quality and quantity of food, which is included in your daily diet. There is no necessity to hurry while you are eating. Healthy eating for weight loss must not be hasty.

Avoid some foods that may not be as healthy as everyone says

Despite the fact that we can easily verify the quality of each concrete product through the Internet or by consultation with a professional doctor, we neglect this priceless opportunity that allows us to eat healthy, lose weight and create an individual satisfying diet.

Nowadays, there exist many myths about alternative medicine, special foods and unique medicines created in accordance with ‘traditional cure-all recipes’, which claim themselves 100% trustworthy and most of us prefer to stick to these questionable recommendations, avoiding to think about their benefits.

For example, modern researches claim that various multivitamins are not as necessary as we usually think because we can consume all essential ingredients with ordinary foods, such as common fruits and vegetables. Thus, try to eschew those ingredients that may be unhealthy for your body.

Incorporate more Healthy Foods in your general ration

In truth, this advice is surely the most pleasant because it is a commonplace that healthy foods are even tastier than their noxious analogies. Moreover, losing weight by eating healthy food and replacing standard unhealthy food with their healthier analogues is an extremely delicious way to a slim figure and healthy body. For example, nuts work as powerful appetite suppressants, Greek yogurt is a perfect source of protein used in a calorie-restricted diet, berries are loaded with antioxidants and an ordinary avocado can satisfy your daily needs in vitamins. Thus, if you wish to eat healthy, lose weight and enjoy your personal diet then add delicious healthy meals to your ration, attempting not only to satisfy your needs in vitamins, carbs and proteins but also to bestow yourself different palatable meals.

Count your daily energy balance

There is a difference between calories intake and those calories, which are burned during your daily physical activity. Of course, there is no general rule about the correct method of measuring the energy balance, which suits everyone. All of us have completely different work conditions, hobbies, rations and particular qualities. However, it is obvious that losing weight by eating healthy is virtually impossible without knowing your exact energy balance.

HEALBE App: Energy Balance Screen

Luckily for those who are serious about becoming healthier and slimmer, there is one thing that can help – Healbe GoBe. The device will help you collect all the essential information about your body. It measures data through three different sensors: an accelerometer, a piezo sensor and an impedance sensor – to measure the calorie consumed in food. Thereby, by using this smart fitness and wellness band, you can indicate all significant data about your body and correct your lifestyle in accordance with recommendations about healthy food.

Surely, you must not think that this device will do everything so that you can relax and forget about your diet. Surely, the best way is to remember that you must eat healthy, lose weight and add new components to your life carefully and attentively. Your life is in your hands. Thus, always consult with your doctor about all the nuances of your new diet.


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Please note that HEALBE GoBe is not responsible for any content that purports to give medical advice or advice regarding fitness training, exercise, or diet. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to starting a diet or physical fitness program.

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