What Energy Balance Level Would Help you to Lose Weight?

“The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.”

Euripides, writer of ancient Athens

There are not that many naturally fit people. And prior to envy someone with a “skinny gene” analyze their lifestyle. Sure enough you’d find out that their eating habits are moderate, and the level of physical activity is actually pretty high. In other words, those “naturally fit” do their best to make calories taken in and burned equal.

That difference between calories in and out is usually called an “energy balance”. Unfortunately, there is no rule for all, the balance rate is an individual characteristic which depends on the way each body functions. And why is it important to know the one’s rate? Because it is one of very few ways to lose or control one’s weight.

1)Your negative energy balance means that you burn more energy than you consume. This of course leads to your weight loss.

2) Your positive energy balance means that you eat more calories than you burn. If this is not a party outcome and more likely a habit, sooner or later extra pounds will be found around your waist.

The optimal energy balance is close to zero and lasts for some continuous period (several weeks or, even better, months). If it’s your case, congrats! Your lifestyle (eating, sleeping, physical activity, emotional state) can be easily described as healthy.

Great! But how do I find out my own energy balance?

If you don’t have any tools (scales, a pedometer, a pulsometer, special apps for calorie intake calculation, etc.), there is no way you can estimate the energy balance, even approximately.


The easiest but not the best way is to weigh in every morning. But you’d regret not only every ounce of fat, but also every glass of water, which although healthy, can give the impression that you’ve gained some extra pounds.

You can take a different, more complicated path: using some special apps one can estimate calories consumed and then count the energy balance with a fitness-tracker.

In this case the rate would be more accurate, quite rough again though. Why? First of all because calorie intake count might not be as accurate as you might have thought.

Reasons for that:

– The calorific value marked in tables is not always correct, it actually depends on the sort of a product and the way it was produced – both are often under a question mark for the consumer

 – But what is even more questionable is the mentioned apps. They usually do not estimate some specifics of an individual metabolism, which affects a lot the amount of energy you get eating these or those products.

Measuring calories in a complex dish? If you are not the biggest nerd  in the world keeping in mind the weight and calorific value of every single product in that dish (not to forget the oil you might be frying something with), the rate would be more than approximate.

Finally, do you really have time to write every single eaten piece down? If you do, congrats! You’re the most organized person on Earth!  And if you don’t, let’s be honest, some forgotten food will change the real energy balance value.

The quantity of energy burned counted by a heart rate and a steps number is not that accurate either. Just because no one has invented a tracker that would interpret those records precisely. Imagine you are a girl dating someone for a long while and this one proposes you right now. Your heart would go boom like crazy, wouldn’t it? And a tracker would record it. But what a pity! No calories get actually burned. What about squats? When doing squats, you don’t make a single step.But does it mean you haven’t burnt a single calorie?

Of course, all those estimations will bring you to some energy balance data, but what will this number show eventually? How much of the truth will it bear? And how can it help you then? And there comes HEALBE GoBe


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