Embodiment: What is it?

Embodiment is a practice that unites body and mind.

The philosophy is simple: everything that happens to the body affects the train of thought and decision-making.

The main goal of the embodiment is to make qualitative changes in life through work with the body.

The basis of the practice is body awareness. With its help, you can change your state to a more resourceful and efficient one.

To develop mindfulness, you need to focus your attention to the body’s sensations throughout the day.

For example, ask yourself the question: how do I feel? How am I sitting now? Is it convenient for me? Where do I feel myself in the body?

Developing body awareness reduces stress levels: you become more sensitive and caring for yourself and your environment.

Any physical activity can become the practice of embodiment, assuming that it includes attention and a focus on sensations.

We are used to living “inside the head”, perceiving the body as a mechanism serving the brain. But through the body, we perceive and interact with the world.

It affects everything we do because no action is possible without a body.

If you’re working on something and feel stuck and don’t see a solution, turn to your body for help. Put work aside and move around a bit.

For example, go for a walk or turn on your favorite song at full volume and dance without constraining yourself in movements. Then write down your feelings: how do you feel? Are there any unpleasant sensations in the body?

Watch these sensations for a while, and then get back to work. What has changed?


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