Emotional Tension

What is Emotional Tension?

Emotional tension describes a physical and psychological incentive that stimulates the human body to activate all physical and intellectual resources. It is neither negative nor positive. Emotional tension is then transformed in your mind into emotions that could have a negative or positive value. The impact of emotional tension varies according to the individual and the duration of exposure. 

In the current fast-paced world, emotional tension is quite common. Your body and mind pay a high price. Small amounts of emotional tension may help you work well under pressure while motivating you to do your best. However, when your body is constantly under the emergency mode, you have to take decisive actions to bring your mind and body back to balance. 

Why Should You Track Your Emotional State?

Emotional tension is one of the major causes of stress. Prolonged or strong emotional tension can result in chronic stress, which has undesired consequences. Neurosis, deterioration of sleep, poor health, decreased performance, overweight, and overeating are just a few outcomes of stress. 

In most cases, you may not know how you react to particular events in life. You have to learn how to control you react to different conditions. For you to achieve this, you must pay more attention to your mood, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. After a detailed and long observation of yourself, you will be able to notice any changes in your emotional state. 

Your body’s stress response could be a way of protecting yourself. A healthy emotional response helps you remain alert, focused, and energetic. When you are in an emergency situation, it could give you extra energy. It increases your stamina and strength, improves your focus, and boosts your reaction time. 

Nevertheless, beyond a particular point, emotional tension stops being beneficial. It may cause significant damage to your quality of life, health, relationships, mood, and productivity. Chronic stress may speed up your aging process, suppress your immune system, increase your risks of stroke and heart attack, and upset your reproductive and digestive system. It may leave you vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and various mental health issues. 

How Does a GoBe Smart Band Measure Emotional Tension?

To measure the level of emotional tension, the HEALBE GoBe smart band uses a GAG sensor. The sensor depends on the skin-galvanic reaction. It detects any changes in your ionic activity depending on changes resulting from your sweat gland activity. If you experience emotional tension, the skin’s sweat glands react. If the sweat gland activity continues for more than 12 minutes, GoBe will automatically notify you with a message “EMOTION.” Note that the GoBe smart band does not record prolonged physical activity. 

When you receive the message “EMOTION,” it means that there has been sweat gland activity for the last 12 minutes from the previous 20 minutes. The message acts as an alert or a reminder to the wearer. If the message “EMOTION” appears on display, ensure that you pay attention to your condition. If you are worried or nervous, try to calm down. The message “EMOTION” appears when the smart band records strong emotional tension. You can make a decision to stop what you are doing, if you are nervous, and calm down. However, if you are attempting to solve a problem, you can continue. 

When the message appears during an unusual situation, for instance, if you are going down a subway, it shows that you are experiencing emotional tension. The source of emotional tension can be not only responsibilities or work but also your environment or communication and action with other people. There could be noise, temperature differences, or a large number of people in your environment. Such factors can affect an individual and lead to emotional tension. 

Why Is It Important to Track Emotional Tension With GoBe?

Because of its important functions, you can know as quickly as possible when you are experiencing strong emotional tension. The “EMOTION” notification helps you analyze the situation that caused you to experience emotional tension so that you can improve your condition. Some of the actions that can help you relax include taking a break, going to a comfortable place, listening to music, or performing a ritual that will help you relax, such as drinking tea/coffee. 

The notification should alert you, and you should improve your ability to handle stress. When the smart band alerts you about negative stress, ensure that you get moving, connect with other people, get a rest, and even learn to relax. Identify an activity that helps you feel less stressed. Ultimately, you will become more emotionally balanced and productive. Chronic stress has a heavy toll on your emotional life, and it may affect how you interact with other people, such as your family, colleagues, and friends. The smart band will alert you when you are experiencing heightened emotions. 

Learn to Keep Emotions in Check!

You should keep a diary of your emotions to understand yourself better. You should record all your experiences. List everything that causes negative emotions and track them. It will not take much time, only 10 – 15 minutes daily. Within a week or a month of daily observations, you will identify and understand what issues are making you unsettled!

Regardless of the cause of your emotional tension, GoBe helps you identify when you are stressed so that you can work towards lessening and managing it. Ultimately, you will feel better.


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Manage your emotional state with the HEALBE GoBe smart band and feel harmonious!

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