A Busy Person Eating & Sleeping Well Is Not a Myth

Robin S., 67

The Globe

“The GoBe helps me understand my sleep patterns and get more and better sleep—busy people tend to cut back on that, because it’s not something that screams at them, ‘You’ve got to do it!’”

Robin S. is a global citizen, a business person, a beekeeper, a swimmer, a musician, a mother . . . The list of things keeping her busy could go on and on. She is one of those who’d prefer to have 25 hours a day because that one missing hour would go so far. Alas, the day is still 24 hours long and not a minute more, which means that Robin has to find the time elsewhere. As many busy people might guess, she does it by cutting her sleep hours and almost literally eating on the run.

Having had a chronic lung condition for some time, Robin has become well-aware of her body and its reactions: “how it [the condition] affects my sleeping, how exercising affects my overall health, which kinds of exercise may affect my breathing.” Even though her level of self-awareness was quite high, it was not enough, not for Robin, who wanted functional and sophisticated tools to help in actively improving her overall health and fitness.

With unscheduled and sometimes unpredictable sleep cycles, she was particularly interested in her sleep patterns and their impact on her energy throughout the day. She knew about numerous fitness trackers on the market, but she wanted something different for a broader picture.

Much more than a fitness tracker

“I was interested in tracking calories and hydration along with sleep patterns and general activities—all of those things without getting the same device as everybody else,” Robin recollects, “because most of the people I talked to just ignored their fitness tracker after a while, or if they had trouble keeping it functional. Sometimes they just plain got bored with it. And I wanted something to engage me a little bit more, with more and different information to offer.”

This is how Robin came across the complete HEALBE GoBe smart-life band, which she’s been using throughout its different generations.

With her significant GoBe product line usage experience, Robin has become a smart band expert. She has happily shared her expertise and understanding of the GoBe’s role in her improved self-awareness, which was followed by many changes for the better. 

“The calorie intake function in GoBe helps you just focus,” she says. “I think for most of us, particularly busy people, you sort of tend to pick up food as you go: ‘I’ve got five minutes here—I’ll grab a muffin or something.’ And those things don’t register in your understanding, as part of your calorie intake, unless you’ve got it clocked. And the GoBe helped remind me that ‘Yes, I did actually have a muffin at three o’clock’ — therefore my dinner needed to be a little bit less generous. It also helped me focus on responding to hunger as opposed to thinking, ‘Well, it’s six o’clock, so I have to eat.’ It was a mindfulness thing, really.”

By changing her focus with her GoBe, Robin lost 15 pounds over a year quite easily. “I definitely had targeted losing some weight,” she comments, “but I hadn’t organized it. I hadn’t gone on a diet, so to speak. If you like eating and drinking, losing weightis not fun. I just used the GoBe to remind me to get up and move, and changed my food focus a little bit, which made it much easier and much more natural to keep the weight off.

Robin hopes to lose some more pounds but, in her words, “It’s not a major priority. It’s just something I’m thinking about, and the GoBe actually helps me be more conscious of it without being a drag.”

How to use your sleep to stay healthy

What was much more important for Robin was raising her overall wellbeing and energy levels. Weight management was only part of the improvement she successfully made in her life. As mentioned above, she was very interested in better sleep management, considering her frequent lack of sleep due to business needs and leisure activities. 

With its real-time sleep quality tracking feature paired with the smart alarm—the one that wakes you up at the optimal moment in your sleep cycle—GoBe has made a radical change in Robin’s sleep-awareness and general quality of life. 

“I paid a lot more attention to how I woke up and if I set the alarm for a specific time or the smart one,” she says. “I like the alarm function, which follows natural sleep patterns, because I find it much easier to wake up when the GoBe prods me to wake at the end of the sleep cycle as opposed to a regular alarm clock waking you up in the middle of something so you’re all groggy. As I run my own business and don’t have to appear in the office at an exact time, I am able to use the smart alarm to ensure that I wake refreshed and ready to go.”

“I was also interested in the number of times I woke up during the night and didn’t remember in the morning,” Robin continues. “I might wake up once or twice and the GoBe would clock it, making me think, ‘Okay, maybe that’s why I don’t feel as rested.’ It helps me understand my sleep patterns better and get more sleep—busy people tend to cut back on that, because it’s not something that screams at them ‘You’ve got to do it!’ So having the GoBe track over time, I could look at the times when I cut my sleep short and be aware that it did have an impact on my functionality through the day, on my ability to do all the things I wanted to do.” 

It makes you realize how to use your sleep to keep you healthy,” she concludes.

More healthy lifestyle tips for busy people

Summing up her interaction with GoBe, Robin underlines the following benefits: “HEALBE GoBe helped me track activity levels (which can improve sleep patterns), sleep cycles, and work/rest/stretch habits. It got me up and out the door for a walk or run. I also was able to track [my] use and intake of energy in a way I never had before, which was very helpful as an incentive to being more active.

She is happy with her new habits: daily walks, morning yoga, and mindful weight management—which have already helped her lose 15 pounds, feel healthier, and stay away from her old, more sedentary lifestyle. 

Impressed by all the changes Robin has managed, we asked her to share her principles for a healthy lifestyle, which will hopefully inspire others. She kindly answered: “(1) Exercise regularly, and I include cardio, muscle, and brain training in that; (2) eat well and in company; (3) love what you work at, or at least appreciate the good things work enables; (4) love the people in your life even when it seems hard; (5) stay engaged and interested in the world. Not necessarily in that order.


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