No Stress: How GoBe Helps You Relax


HEALBE App: Stress Level Screen


How GoBe tracks your Stress

The HEALBE GoBe smart band estimates your stress level once an hour by checking your heart rate. Then, through the complex analysis of your sleep quality data and anthropometrical parameters (like weight, height, sex and age), it helps you track your stress level.

In the HEALBE app you will see an hourly diagram with your stress level for the last 24 hours. This diagram will have explained level titles and specifically marked sections with no data gathered.

5—High Stress Level
4—Above Average Stress Level
3—Average Stress Level
2—Low Stress Level
1—No Stress
0—No Data
The HEALBE GoBe helps you understand the level of stress you are currently under and aids you in coping with that. The device is not able to tell whether you are experiencing eustress or distress, but you may be able to decipher between the two by familiarizing yourself with the symptoms of each. And if it happens to be distress? Well, there are lots of ways to manage your distress. Techniques range from breathing exercises, getting enough sleep and eating healthy, to having enough sex, traveling and visiting your psychiatrist–especially if your stress level stays at 4-5 for more than several days in a row. It hardly needs mentioning that alcohol is not good when it comes to coping with your high stress levels. It dehydrates the body and affects your sleep, eventually causing more stress of yours than before.

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