FLOW™ Technology

GoBe smart bands use patented FLOW™ Technology and an impedance sensor to analyze changes in glucose concentration. As glucose concentration rises, cells absorb glucose and release water. The impedance sensor sends high and low-frequency signals through your tissue to measure the fluid moving in and out of your cells.


FLOW™ Technology then applies this information to an advanced algorithm to analyze this data and determine calorie intake. In general, if you consume fewer calories than you burn, GoBe shows a caloric deficit for that day.


Accuracy will be diminished on fasting diets or high protein/high-fat diets. We are continually working on our algorithm and are working on a “diet” mode we hope to debut soon.


GoBe registers calorie intake at the time when calories are absorbed by the body, at the stage of nutrients getting into the blood.


Keep in mind, different stages of the digestion process take different amounts of time:


• 1-2 hours – the process of chewing and swallowing;
• 3-4 hours – the handling of food by digestive fluids;
• 4-8 hours – digestion process;
• 5-9 hours, and sometimes more than 24 hours – food is delivered to the absorption area and enters the blood.


Some of these processes occur simultaneously, so the first portion of digested food may enter the blood after 15-30 minutes, but the main part of the meal may take 3-4 hours to be digested, and the absorption period may overlap with the next meal.


Depending on the composition of the meal, 90% of the food can appear in the blood after one hour (sweets, sugar) and up to 9-10 hours (complex dishes with meat and side dishes).

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