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Дата: June 12, 2017A unique modern gadget for monitoring physical health
“A very good health and fitness tracker, offering insights and proactive advice. It offers lifestyle metrics that other companies would dream of being able to offer, and reading my stats has become a mild obsession.”
June 7, 2017Healbe's GoBe 2 calorie tracker teases the future of wearables
“In general, today this is the most advanced and finished fitness band. It is worth its $179 price tag as the price is fully justified.”
May 25, 2017A health wearable that can track calories
Healbe GoBe is a technology that really kicks fitness being
to the next level.
January 10, 2017The Holy Grail of fitness gadgets
GoBe 2 does a surprisingly effective job of measuring data like calories, fat, proteins, and carbs, as long as you are content to assess the data over a span of days, rather than hours.
1 May 2017UC Davis Selects Healbe and GoBe 2 Smart Life Band Fitness Tracker for Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Collaboration
GoBe 2 is the first wearable that automatically measures calorie intake, hydration levels and emotional state non-invasively through users’ skin
5 July 2016Fitness Magazine
It’s pretty cool because it can tell you how long your food is going through your body depending on what you eat, carbs, fats or proteins and it also has a heart rate monitor
5 January 2015CES 2015: GoBe calorie counter wearable put to the test
The result was that the software estimated Mr Mikaberydze had eaten 514 calories, which wasn’t far off the 555 calories suggested by the food labels. And to be fair, the number was still slowly climbing when we had to part company
6 January 2015The end of calorie counting? Wristband claims to track eating habits using sensors on your SKIN - but is it too good to be true?
In the fight against obesity, counting up the calories in every chip, biscuit or stick of celery can be a faff too far.
However, a US company claims to have developed a smart wristband that does the adding up for you – by measuring changes in the glucose levels and liquid in the skin cells.
The HealBe GoBe wristband is the latest twist in the wearable technology revolution, most of which is built on a theme of improving health
5 January 2015Hands on with GoMe, the million dollar Indiegogo campaign that tracks burned calories through your skin
We’re aware that the calorie counting devices and apps we have today are all very general, and GoBe is hoping to use a bioimpedance sensor to measure your glucose levels through your skin and use that information to deduce calories consumed. It sounds amazing, but it also sounds too good to be true
1 January 2015Innovative New Wearable At CES 2015
The Healbe GoBe is being showcased at the ongoing CES show, Las Vegas. Also check out our stories on wearables
6 January 2016This Gadget Counts Your Calories So You Know Just How Bad You’ve Been on Vacation
But where health-tracking gadgets are concerned, GoBe is unrivaled, and nearly guarantees you won’t pack on the pounds during binge-worthy vacations, as long as you heed its warnings
January 18, 2017Best of CES 2017
GoBe2 is comparable to the accuracy of self-reported calorie intake and eliminates the time-consuming chore of manual calorie tracking. The wristband is a big step forward for those who want to take more control of their health.
14 December 201610 healthy holiday gifts for moms
No need to input your meals into your smartphone because the Healbe GoBe is the only tracker that automatically measures calorie intake through the skin
22 February 2017Healbe GoBe 2 is a Fitness Band That Knows What You’ve Eaten
The Healbe GoBe 2 is a singularly unusual fitness band. It is real appeal is its promise to track details about what you’ve eaten, including fat, calories, carbs, and protein—automatically and completely non-invasively
5 January 2015New wristband attempts to count calories - as you eat them
If you could keep track of the calories in your food as you ate them, would you pay attention? The new Healbe GoBe wristband, shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, attempts to count calories in real time
1 December 2015High-Tech Health Gadgets a Big Win This Holiday Season
Featured on Good Morning America
26 December 2014Wearable tech is continuing to edge its way into our daily lives and the GoBe watch could be the secret weapon in the battle against the holiday bulge
Wearable tech is continuing to edge its way into our daily lives and the GoBe watch could be the secret weapon in the battle against the holiday bulge
5 January 2015CES 2015: Fat, sad and eating too much? These next-gen fitness trackers will tell you so
Healbe GoBe band actually works by using an impedance sensor that sends signals through your wobbly bits – but here it’s measuring the glucose your body’s producing from the food you’ve eaten. And from there it can work out your calorie intake
14 January 20158 Insane Tech Innovations Unveiled at CES This Year
Tired of manual calorie counting, searching food databases, and inputting into logfs? The GoBe hands-free health monitor uses sensors to measure glucose and fluid levels in your bloodstream, providing automatic and accurate calorie readings all day long
4 January 2016Healbe has released its new body manager wearable, the GoBe 1.2
With the ability to run a metabolism test, you’ll be privy to more accurate readings of your internal balance as well
21 January 2015New fitness band tracks your calorie intake
This is fascinating…now this is wearable computing power that I can get behind
5 January 2015Health devices take the stage at Consumer Electronics Show
The GoBe, which purports to automatically track calories–the Holy Grail for users interested in weight loss but who are not rigorous enough to track their food intake accurately

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