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“I knew that I needed to hydrate myself more, but I never had the knowledge when to drink, what to drink . . . HEALBE gave me this control mechanism.”

Bernhard G., 33

Energized with Right Water Balance

Intro: An average manager

What could an average manager’s day look like in today’s city life?
Get up at 5 AM. Make a good jogging circle around your neighborhood to level up the energy you’ll need throughout the day. Still not charged enough? Maybe some bag-punching for the next 30 minutes would fill your energy bar? Shower.

Play with your children—they haven’t seen you for an entire night!
Discuss a day-plan with your spouse. Get dressed. Have a coffee quickly.

Hurry up! There’s a lot to do — and you are already late everywhere!
Hop into your car. Go, go, go! Have all the five business meetings you’ve scheduled in advance. Squeeze in an extra one (preferably an extra three).
Don’t forget about a dozen calls you have to make in between. Argue with your colleagues. Listen to client complaints. Calm them all down, Dr. Freud. But don’t promise too much—or you’ll get the bonus of more arguing with your boss.

What’s wrong with you? Only 2% energy left? No way! Have you forgotten?! You promised to help your oldest son prepare for tomorrow’s math test. And it’s your turn to play hide-and-seek with your baby daughter . . .

Sounds like the hard level of a strategy game, doesn’t it? Yet, it might be familiar to some city-dwellers. Or maybe it’s just our fantasy that happened to look a bit like our hero’s story.

A leveled-up manager
Bernhard G. is a sales manager and a family man living and working in Germany. His lifestyle is somewhat similar to the one many managers might have anywhere in the world. He wakes up early, tones up in the gym, works a lot, and tries his best not to stress out. It’s not always easy, though—sales require a lot of patience and excellent time-management skills.
It’s always stressful if you have a customer who complains or has an upcoming challenge,” he says, “and you have to find a solution for them.
We talked to Bernhard one beautiful morning on his way to his first business meeting of the day—good proof that our hero doesn’t waste his time. Bernhard was cheerful (smiling and laughing), stress-free, and committed to showing the world that he’s a winner. He gladly shared his high-energy success story that he kicked off with his GoBe smart band.
Control mechanism
The primary goal Bernhard was chasing when he came across the HEALBE GoBe smart band was better body hydration. Having a stressful job and working out regularly for a long time, he already knew the importance of water balance.

“I was always in sports,” he says,“ so it was always clear to me that it [body hydration] was an important thing.” Nonetheless, with a busy daily schedule, it’s been quite a challenge for him to track the amount of water he was consuming.

“I wasn’t always sure how much I was drinking,” Bernhard remembers. “I wondered whether I was drinking well, but I didn’t know ‘cause it wasn’t performance-based water drinking. “Sometimes I would have drunk nothing for the whole day and then, in the evening, I’d have asked myself ‘Did I drink today? – Oh no! I have to drink two liters now.’”

Bernhard was very unhappy with the low level of physical awareness he used to have. “I knew that I needed to hydrate myself more, but I never had the knowledge when to drink, what to drink,” he adds.

If you drink too late at night,” Bernhard continues, “you’ll have to stand up at night and pee, which would interrupt your good night’s sleep—this is something everyone is aware of—but I didn’t have a solution or a control mechanism,” referring to water intake portions and timing. “HEALBE gave me this control mechanism.

Actual water balance vs. presumption

Bernhard uses his GoBe to track his water balance, and what he likes about the smart band is that he drinks based on his actual hydration level as opposed to water intake charts or even multiple mobile apps giving alerts based on presumptions about how much and how often the average adult man should drink throughout the day.
“I was working out in the morning, so I needed more water in the morning,” referring to his individual water-balance charts in the HEALBE app. Bernhard has also found out that he needed more water during the day to stay focused, both during and after the job.
We salespeople have a lot of meetings,” he says, “so I’m always traveling, and it’s always difficult for me to have enough water around. That’s always a challenge for me. In the morning when I work out, okay, I drink something there, but then during the day, to keep the hydration levels high, the energy high—that’s the most difficult thing for me, and I love the function from HEALBE,” referring to the GoBe’s “Drink” alert. “The greatest one is that I have to drink when my hydration levels are low.
Neither the amount of water intake nor the best timing for a sip is a challenge anymore for Bernhard. While the GoBe does its job, our hero can totally focus on his and spend more quality time with his wife and little daughter, who needs her daddy energized more than anyone else. “In the gym, I’m just lifting weights,” he says, “but my daughter is the one who is actually keeping me fit. She’s two years now, and it is a real challenge. Sometimes eventhe emotion awareness pops up when I’m playing with her,” the happy father laughs, referring to his GoBe’s “Emotion” alert.
Now, Bernhard is more energized and stress-free than ever before—which is something he is also aware of with his GoBe. He knows he is charged enough for many more upcoming wins, both professionally and personally.

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