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User manual

Congratulations on purchasing your Healbe GoBe™! You’ve taken the first step toward a healthier and happier life. Please read this manual carefully before using your GoBe body manager.

Healbe FLOW Technology:

Unlike apps and wearable devices that require you to manually log the calories you consume, only GoBe gives you automatic calorie management with Healbe FLOW Technology, the patented innovation that combines information from three sensors (an accelerometer, impedance sensor and piezo pressure sensor) with an advanced algorithm to deliver comprehensive insights into whole-body health. Only FLOW Technology measures calorie intake through your skin by reading the glucose levels in your cells. For more details read our news

GoBe uses FLOW Technology to help you monitor a wide range of your body’s parameters, including calories consumed, calories burned, activity level, heart rate, blood pressure, hydration level, stress level, and quality of sleep. This information is meant to help you stay on track with your fitness goals and live a healthy, balanced life.
How Healbe GoBe works?

Piezo sensor mesures blood flow and heart rate
Piezo sensor
mesures blood
flow and heart rate
Impedance sensor mesures fluid level tissues
Impedance sensor
mesures fluid
level tissues
Accelerometer mesures body movement and activity
mesures body
movement and activity


What’s included in the box

GoBe Automatic Body Manager charging


GoBe has a lithium-ion polymer battery. A full charge will last for up to 2 days of average use.


Please ensure your mobile device is up-to-date for the best Healbe™ GoBe™ experience!

What’s required:

- For Apple™ users: iPhone™ (starting iPhone 4s), iPad™ (starting iPad 3), iPod™ (starting iPod 5G), running iOS™ 8 and above.

- For Android™ users: devices running Android™ 4.3 and above.

- Supporting of Bluetooth™ LE is necessary.

Please pay attention: phones and tablets with small screens are not currently supported.

Let's download our free Mobile Application here:

Getting Started:

  1. Registration/Profile
  2. How to charge your GoBe
  3. Before you use your GoBe
  4. Important Calorie Measurement Information
  5. Pairing/Firmware
  6. Wearing your GoBe


Please register your own account in the Healbe GoBe App

  1. Your email address is your login.
  2. Choose a password.
  3. Confirm your password.

Create a profile to help GoBe provide the most accurate information about your body. Click on each field for tips to help you complete your profile.

  • First name/ last
  • Gender – sex
  • Date of birth
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Arm length - GoBe needs to know your arm length to precisely track your activities. Measure from armpit to wrist, in cm or inches
  • Step length - GoBe needs to know your step length (from toe to toe) to precisely track your activities. The default is set to an estimate based on your height. (For calibration and greater accuracy, measure the distance you cover with 10 strides and divide it by 10)
  • Blood pressure - Knowing your current blood pressure will help GoBe track your cardiovascular health.
  • Resting heart rate - To calculate your resting heart rate, remain inactive for at least 10 minutes. Take your pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. This gives you your heart rate in BPM.
  • Overal health - Please provide a general sense of your current health, taking into account diet, activity, and any chronic illnesses or other health concerns
  • Special Diet (Mixed food = normal; carb-free = if you eat meal without carbs at all)
  • Units - Select the units that are most convenient for you
  • Address - Please indicate the country and city where you live

How to charge your GoBe

Charging time
  • Charge your GoBe for at least 60 minutes before its first use
  • In the case of a drained battery, GoBe requires 50-55 minutes for a full charge
  • If your GoBe has a battery level above 0%, it will need about 20-30 minutes to reach a full charge.

Battery life
Up to 2 days, depending on how often you sync with the smartphone app. For optimal battery life, we recommend syncing 3-5 times per day.

How to charge your GoBe:
Please make sure that your GoBe is securely positioned on the charger.
  • Connect GoBe to its charger.
  • The display will read CHARGING every 5 seconds.
  • If your GoBe is still on and you want to check the charging status, simply take GoBe off its charger and press the side button to find the POWER % screen.
  • When battery will be fully charged – GoBe will turn off automatically
Healbe GoBe user profile GoBe needs to know your arm length to precisely track your activities Healbe GoBe step counter bracelet

Before you use your GoBe

Turn On:
  • Push and hold the button on the side of the device for 3 seconds until it vibrates and shows HELLO.
  • When you turn on your GoBe for the first time, you will see a GOBE GOBE message (and a SYNC ME message after) on the screen. This means you need to pair it with your smartphone and the Healbe GoBe App via a Bluetooth connection.

Turn Off:
  • Hold the button for 5 seconds, until GoBe vibrates and the display shows BYE.

  • If you do not connect GoBe with the app within 5 minutes of powering up, GoBe will automatically power off.
  • It takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes for GoBe to make a connection between the sensor and your skin. To speed things up, apply some moisture to the skin under the sensor. If GoBe doesn’t make a connection within 5 minutes, it will automatically power off.
GoBe Automatic Body Manager Usage

GoBe display notifications:


Current time
Percentage of battery life remaining
Your current heart rate
The balance of your consumed and burned calories
Distance traveled today
Amount of steps today
Hydration Level


Power is on (display will read GOBE GOBE at first)
Device has lost contact with your skin. Please adjust the wristband.
SERVICE 01/02:
Something went wrong. If the problem persist, please contact customer service at moc.eblaeh@ebog
Indicates the charging process
Device lost connection with the app and is trying to sync with your device.
GoBe is notifying you to drink a glass of water
GoBe is uploading a new version of firmware
*/ POWER %:
Device is turned off
Device is powering down.


Display notifications may vary depending on the current firmware installed on your device. This page will be modified regularly as firmware updates are released.

GoBe Automatic Body Manager display

Important Calorie Measurement Information

Before eating, push and hold the button on the side of your GoBe for 2 seconds until it vibrates and displays FOOD FOOD. Doing so increases the accuracy of the automatic calorie intake measurement. If you forget this step, GoBe will alert you within the app during your next sync.

Simple rules of button usage:
  • Small meal (100-300 calories) & normal meal (300-600 calories): before eating or drinking, press the button on your wristband for 2 seconds until it reads ‘FOOD’. If you forgot to press the button, you can confirm the time interval within the app, to log when you started eating. !!! Please only raise the flag that indicates the 15 minute interval during which you started to eat, and deny all others.
  • Large meal (600-800 calories): Press the side button before eating, and confirm the beginning of your mealtime in the app during synchronization. Also, identify the end of your mealtime by pressing the button or selecting this time period within the app.
  • Several courses: (800+ calories; 2-5 courses with 20-90 minutes in between meals): Press the side button before eating and confirm the beginning of your meal time in the app during synchronization. For the second and remaining meals, push the button each time you begin a new course.

While GoBe is able to measure calorie intake with 85% accuracy for foods between 100-800 calories, this margin of error may increase if the above steps are not followed properly. Please contact moc.eblaeh@ebog with any questions. Our support team is happy to help! You can easily adjust your calorie intake if you accidentally pressed the button, by using the app’s history editor.
Important Calorie Measurement Information

High- & Low-calorie Meal Examples


McDonalds Big Tasty Calories
McDonald's® Big Tasty®
1 serving
Marinated Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Calories
Marinated Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
1 serving
Regular California Cheese Steak White Sub Calories
Regular California Cheese
Steak White Sub 17.6 oz
Fillet Beef Steak 10 oz cALORIES
Fillet Beef Steak 10 oz
IHOP Avocado, Bacon & Cheese Omelette Calories
IHOP® Avocado, Bacon &
Cheese Omelette 1 dish
IHOP New York Cheesecake Pancakes Calories
IHOP® New York
Cheesecake Pancakes 4
Burger King WHOPPER Sandwich + Medium French Fries (Salted) + Small Coca Cola Calories
Burger King®
WHOPPER® Sandwich +
Medium French Fries
(Salted) + Small Coca Cola
classic® 1 portion


Puffed rice 1 cup Calories
Puffed rice 1 cup
White Bread Calories
Bread (white) 1 slice
Muffin Blueberry Calories
Muffin (blueberry) 1/2 (1 oz)
Cooked Grits Calories
Grits, cooked 1/2 cup
Popcorn 3 cups Calories
Popcorn (air popped) 3 cups
Tomato juice 1 cup Calories
Tomato juice 1 cup
Apple 1 medium-sized Calories
Apple 1 medium-sized

Pair/ Firmware upload

GoBe uses Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) to connect with your smartphone. Please be sure that your Bluetooth is turned on:
  • Turn Bluetooth to “on” under Settings → Bluetooth.
  • Push the button on the side of the device and hold it for 3 seconds until your GoBe vibrates and the display reads "HELLO" (the display will read GOBE GOBE at first).
  • Hold your GoBe close to the device you are pairing it with.
  • Open the HEALBE GoBe app and log in. The app will search for Bluetooth devices.
  • Choose Healbe GoBe 1.0 from the list.

GoBe uses PIN-code authorization to make sure your data is secure. When you pair your GoBe with your device for the first time, please create your own PIN code (six digits). You can always change your PIN at a later time by clicking the wristband icon in the GoBe app.

Follow the instructions in the app to download the GoBe firmware before your first use. The spp will notify you when firmware updates are available.

How to install future firmware updates:

IMPORTANT: Updating the firmware will erase any data your GoBe has recorded for the day, so be sure to begin the installation first thing in the morning!
  • Hold your GoBe close to the device you are pairing it with.
  • Log in to your GoBe app and connect to your device.
  • Place the GoBe unit on its charger.
  • Click the wristband icon on the app’s home screen.
  • Locate the Healbe™ logo.
  • The message “Update Available” will appear.
  • Click “Install.”
Install install GoBre firmware updates

How to wear GoBe

  • GoBe should fit snugly on your wrist, with the wristband in full contact with your skin. It’s important that GoBe fits properly so the sensors that power Healbe FLOW™ Technology can read your body’s information.
  • You can wear GoBe on your wrist only (both sides)
  • If you are using the GoBe 1.0 version, please use covers for contact
GoBe Automatic Body Manager Wristband



This is your basic health and personal information. You can edit any field at any time.
Healbe GoBe user profile


Click the wristband icon to see information about your GoBe device, including:
  • Wristband fit
  • Battery life
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Healbe GoBe name
  • Firmware update
  • PIN-code change
  • Help
  • Service info
Healbe GoBe fitness wristband

Healbe GoBe App dashboard:

This is the main screen of the app, which displays all the whole-body health parameters GoBe measures. All icons show your current status. For more detailed information, click or swipe the parameter you’re interested in. All data history can be checked in your web account

Learn more

Healbe GoBe App: dashboard

App: Energy

The Energy screen shows:
  • The large number displayed is the difference between calories consumed and calories burned (a negative number means you burned more calories than you consumed, a positive number means you consumed more than you burned).
  • The left column displays consumed calories, the right column displays burned calories
  • Nutrients (FAT, CARBS and PROTEIN) are shown in grams
  • Graph: The top displays incoming calories, the bottom displays burned calories

For the most accurate results, please use the button and app carefully - read here

Additional features:

  • Swipe the graph to see a particular time of day.
  • Swipe the table to see data from a different day.
  • Turn your smartphone horizontally to see more detailed graphs (day/week/month)

Learn more

Healbe GoBe App: Energy Balance monitoring
Healbe GoBe user manual | GoBe App for iPhone and Android
Weekly energy balance
Daily energy balance

There may be a time lag before GoBe starts to register calorie intake, as your body digests different foods at different rates.

App: Water

  • Track your hydration level and have GoBe send an alert when you should drink a glass of water to maintain a healthy water balance.
  • You can choose which volume/measurement is most convenient for you in the profile section of your App.
  • Swipe the main frame to see data from a different day

Learn more

Recommended amount of water by Healbe GoBe

App: Heart Rate

Monitor your heart rate around the clock.

Learn more

Healbe GoBe App: Heart rate monitoring

App: Sleep

  • Track the length and quality of your sleep each night.
  • The first line shows when you're sleeping. The second line shows REM phases. GoBe also monitors health risks while you're sleeping, such as: arrhythmia, bradycardia
  • Wake up feeling refreshed with GoBe’s Smart Alarm! Simply tell GoBe when you have to wake up, and it will wake you during the REM phase closest to that time. (This light sleep phase is the optimal time to wake up.)

Learn more

Healbe GoBe App: Sleep duration

App: Stress

Monitor your stress level on a scale of 5, based on your heart rate, activity level, as well as other health and sleep quality data.

Learn more

Healbe GoBe App: Stress level monitoring

Healbe Website


  • Access all your data from GoBe at Use the same email and password you use to log in to the Healbe GoBe App.
  • You must register using the app before you can access the web portal.

Your account:

After logging in, you will be able to see all data that's been sent from your GoBe body manager to your app. Data that hasn't yet been downloaded to the app will not be displayed.
Healbe GoBe App: healthy lifestyle

Care manual

Casing maintenance

  • Please do not use Healbe GoBe in salt water to prevent casing appearance damages.
  • Prevent charging contacts and sensors from becoming damaged (if you have GoBe 1.0 version, please use covers for contact).
  • If the casing gets wet, wipe it dry to prevent the appearance of spots.
  • To keep the casing clean, we recommend using a micro fiber cloth (slightly damp, if needed) on all areas except for where the sensors are located. If you do not have a micro fiber cloth, you can use any material that will not leave streaks or damage the casing.

Sensors maintenance

  • IMPORTANT: We recommend only using a damp cloth that has been soaked in water, or non-hygienic alcohol-based wipes, to clean the bottom of your casing.
  • Please ensure you wipe the bottom of the casing with a damp micro fiber cloth a few times per week, and after any physical activity, to prevent any loss of the sensors’ accuracy.

When to clean

  • Please clean your GoBe after any rigorous physical activity, or any activity during which you perspire.
  • And we recomend to clean contacts one time per week at least


Please note that while the Healbe GoBe body manager is designed to provide you with information about your body it is not meant to be used as a medical device and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Healbe GoBe should also not be used in substitution of advice from a medical professional. Healbe GoBe measures the basic main characteristics of your body using unique technology & algorithms that provide you with accurate insights (including calories consumed and calories burned, steps counted and distance walked, energy balance, sleep quality, stress level and heart-rate). The accuracy of this information depends on the accuracy of the personal data you input, and your use of the device.

Healbe recommends that you always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health expert with any questions you may have regarding a health condition, diet, or physical fitness program.