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Far more than a simple activity tracker, Healbe GoBe™ provides the most comprehensive information from your body, delivered effortlessly to your smartphone.
Healbe Gobe measures your energy balance automatically

Measures Your Energy Balance

Managing your body weight is all about keeping track of calories in versus calories out. Healbe GoBe measures the energy on its way in and out your body. Start learning how to better analyze and care for your body with Healbe GoBe today.

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Healbe Gobe controls your stress level automatically

Controls Your Stress Level

GoBe helps you find out whether you are stressed by continuously tracking your stress level.

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Healbe Gobe automatically measures calorie Intake

Automatically Measures Calorie Intake

GoBe calculates your calorie intake through your skin. Know how many calories you're consuming with no manual logging, no estimates and no error-prone guesswork.

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Healbe Gobe monitors your heart rate 24/7 automatically

Monitors Your Heart Rate 24/7

Get a complete picture of your heart rate and daily exertion level with GoBe’s continuous piezo pressure sensor heart rate monitoring.

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Healbe Gobe tracks any activity automatically

Tracks Any Activity

GoBe combines accelerometer data with continuous heart rate monitoring to precisely calculate calorie burn and metabolic rate during any activity—jogging, swimming, cycling, weight training, and more.

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Healbe Gobe monitors quality of your sleep cycle

Monitors Quality of Your Sleep Cycle

GoBe tracks your sleep patterns - quality, duration and efficiency of sleep, REM stages, awake and anxiety periods. It also has a Smart Alarm feature that helps you to wake up in right stage of sleep to feel refreshed and well-rested.

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Healbe Gobe constantly tracks your hydration level

Constantly Tracks Your Hydration Level

Everyone’s normal hydration level is different. Do you know how much water you drink each day, and if it’s enough to keep you hydrated? Healbe GoBe encourages you to drink when your water balance is low.

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How Healbe GoBe Technologie works - piezo sensor Piezo sensor
How Healbe GoBe Technologie works - impedance sensor Impedance sensor
How Healbe GoBe Technologie works - accelerometer Accelerometer
Healbe Flow Technology
Calories intake automatically Calories
Activity level monitoring Activity
Calories burned counting Calories
Heart rate measuring Heart
Blood pressure measuring Blood
Stress level monitoring Stress
Hydration level monitoring Hydration
Sleep status monitoring Sleep
Healbe technical characteristics


Size & weight

  • Сase size: 19.5 x 35.2 х 57.4 mm ( 0.76 x 1.38 х 2.26 inches)
  • Band size: ((min - 165 mm (6.49 inches); maximum - 200 mm (7.87 inches))
  • Weight (case + strap): 61 grams (2.15 ounces)
  • Weight (package): 375 gram (0.83 lb)

Battery and Power

  • Magnetic charger with micro USB port
  • Time of charging up to 1 hour
  • Time of battery life – up to 2 days
  • Battery type: Lithium-polymer
Healbe GoBe App for smartphones

Care Manual

Casing maintenance

  • Please do not use Healbe GoBe in salt water to prevent casing appearance damages.
  • Prevent charging contacts and sensors from becoming damaged (if you have GoBe 1.0 version, please use covers for contact).
  • If the casing gets wet, wipe it dry to prevent the appearance of spots.
  • To keep the casing clean, we recommend using a micro fiber cloth (slightly damp, if needed) on all areas except for where the sensors are located. If you do not have a micro fiber cloth, you can use any material that will not leave streaks or damage the casing.

Sensors maintenance

  • IMPORTANT: We recommend only using a damp cloth that has been soaked in water, or non-hygienic alcohol-based wipes, to clean the bottom of your casing.
  • Please ensure you wipe the bottom of the casing with a damp micro fiber cloth a few times per week, and after any physical activity, to prevent any loss of the sensors’ accuracy.

When to clean

  • Please clean your GoBe after any rigorous physical activity, or any activity during which you perspire.
  • And we recommend to clean charging contacts one time per week at least

Environmental requirements

Healbe GoBe™ is water resistant (shower/rain)
Temperature regime for proper work: -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)



Please ensure your mobile device is up-to-date for the best Healbe™ GoBe™ experience!

What’s required:

- For Apple™ users: iPhone™ (starting iPhone 4s), iPad™ (starting iPad 3), iPod™ (starting iPod 5G), running iOS™ 8 and above.

- For Android™ users: devices running Android™ 4.3 and above.

- Supporting of Bluetooth™ LE is necessary.

Please pay attention: phones and tablets with small screens are not currently supported.