Tech specs

1 year
Lithium-ion battery lasts up to 2 days of average use
Available for iOS and Android based smartphones
English / Czech / Russian
19.5 x 35.2 х 57.4 mm
Package dimensions
13,3 x 10 x 10 cm
45 g — GoBe 2 itself
325 g — with plastic package
370 g — gross (+cardboard box)
Wristband size
One size (min length 140 mm, max 240 mm)
Extra information

Unique features

Achieve your fitness and weight loss goals with automatic calorie counting and more

Energy balance

Calorie intake

Calorie burned

Water balance

Sleep quality

Heart rate

Emotional state

Stress level

Steps & distance

Energy Balance

Get automatic energy balance tracking! GoBe 2 calculates the number of calories you consume in comparison to the number of calories you burn. See your data in the Healbe GoBe App and on display in real time. GoBe 2 lets you easily see if you’re consuming more calories than you burn so that you can stay on top of your weight loss goals. If you want to lose weight, you should stick to a negative balance for a longer period of time.

Calorie Intake

Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology™ automatically measures the number of calories your body consumes excluding manual logging, error-prone guesswork or the Nutrition Facts label reading Healbe GoBe counts calories for you, and you will know how much energy you get out of food.

Calories Burned

GoBe 2 automatically determines your activity levels and combines it with your heart rate data to accurately track how many calories you burn throughout the day. GoBe 2 measures calories burned during any physical activity and digestion process as well as calories used to maintain basic body functions.

Water Balance

GoBe 2 is the only wellness band that can automatically track your water consumption and can remind you to drink more if you’re running low.

Sleep Quality

GoBe 2 combines motion and heart rate data to analyze your sleep patterns, duration, and quality and you can set a smart alarm to wake up feeling your best - the better you sleep, the better your body recovers and the faster the weight loss process goes. The smart alarm will make your morning wake-ups easier and smoother!

Heart Rate

GoBe 2 measures your resting heart rate and pulse during physical activity automatically and constantly while you are wearing the device. It delivers updated measurements every 10 seconds and helps you evaluate your lifestyle and maximize workouts.

Emotional State

GoBe 2 monitors physiological signals in real time. It incorporates a Galvanic Skin Response Sensor, which is used to detect any change in your skin, like sweat, and can indicate when you feel stressed out, have strong emotions, happiness, rage or mental workload. Learn what triggers your emotional state, deal with anxiety and enjoy a mindfully healthy lifestyle.

Stress Level

Healbe GoBe 2 uses your data on quality of sleep for the previous night, jet lags, heart rate during 5-7 minute period, detects and excludes the possibility of physical activity during the given time slot.

Steps & Distance

GoBe 2 tracks your steps with a 9-axis accelerometer: measures body movement and activity. GoBe 2 counts your walking and running steps. It also measures distance by multiplying your step length (from toe to toe) by activity steps. The default step length is set to an estimate based on your height. The data is displayed in the Energy section.