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GoLab: The Healbe GoBe™ Advisor Program

Real People. Real Results.

We’re partnering with health and fitness professionals to put Healbe GoBe™ to work in their everyday lives—and using what we learn to push the boundaries of wearable technology.


GoLab is a real-life laboratory that puts GoBe body managers in the hands (and on the wrists) of real people as they go about their lives. Our GoLab Advisors wear their body managers around the clock and give us valuable feedback on how GoBe helps them manage all the parameters of whole-body health, including automatic calorie intake measurement.

We work closely with the GoLab Advisors and usetheir input to continually refine the GoBe experience and help our users interpret the insights they get from their Body Managers, so people everywhere can live happier, healthier lives.


We hand-selected our GoLab Advisors based on their professional backgrounds and their on-the-ground experience helping others reach their whole-body healthgoals. Some GoLab Advisors have advanced degrees in nutritional science; others work as personal trainers, fitness professionals, or health coaches. They all have one thing in common—they’re dedicated to improving whole-body health, both for themselves and others, and passionate about being part of the wearable body manager revolution.

Healbe GoBe Advisor Program - Alana Sullivan review


Alana is a Naturopathic Doctor and wellness coach. Her focus is full body wellness including a macronutrient balanced diet, exercise, metabolic repair, lifestyle, bio-identical hormone replacement, food sensitivity testing and vitamin/mineral supplementation. Her goal is to reduce inflammation in the body and guide each person towards total health whether or not that includes weight loss or muscle and strength gains.
"I am so excited to test the technology since human nature is to underestimate calories in and overestimate calories out, now you can run (or walk) and you can't hide (your calories). This device will eliminate having to always be logging and weighing and measuring, calculating and guessing"
Healbe GoBe Advisor Program - Debora Schrameck review


As a Certified Personal Trainer and CHEK Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Deborah draws from a broad range of modalities and practical tools to help her clients reach their full potential. She is constantly exploring new technologies to help maximize individual health and wellness.
"I work with clients on lifestyle changes and have struggled to get a true picture of their food intake and activity level. Journaling is only as good as the person writing the information."
Healbe GoBe Advisor Program - John Yohanna review


A 37-year-old regional sales manager living in sunny Los Angeles, California. Hobbies include mountain biking, rock climbing, racing cars, and his favorite, Parkour.

Healbe GoBe Advisor Program - Rachel Shlom review


A former social worker, Rachel is currently a stay-at-home mom to her two little ones. She loves how busy they have kept her, but recently started to feel like her focus was all on her children and not her personal health. She is working on becoming healthier and more confident so she can pass along a positive self-image to her children
"I was so excited when I first heard about the technology GoBe offers, as it removes so much of the guesswork. I'm hoping it will help me reach the goal weight I've been struggling to attain since I had my second baby."

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